Sparkling Steps


As you have probably noticed, i adore glitter and with all the holiday stuff even harder. That´s why when I saw this gorgeous shiny flats, I just couldn't resist, plus, since I am not a heels girl but a ballerina one, when I see a unique pair of them, I just make them mine. But please don't misunderstand me, is not like I don´t like heels at all, but since I wear them 10 hours per day at my job, I really appreciate some rest and I think flats can also be glamorous as high heels.
At the look we add a sparkling sweater and basics: black leggings and ivory blouse.

Lovs_. Karenina

Wearing: Sparkling sweater / LOB, Ivory blouse/ LOB, Black leggings / LOB, Sparkling shoes / C&A, Handbag / C&A.



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