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I am totally sure that all you have had time to think about all the experiences that 2014 left, tons of learnings, loves, dreams and accomplishments to be proud of. In my case I'm just amaze of how fast it went , still cannot believe it´s over, but more than anything I know I just have to be grateful for all the amazing things that came with the year. One of the commitments I have for this years it´s be able to remember the happiest moments in my life, I tried to make a quick review of my happiest ones of 2014 and I just could name 2, and I am totally sure that my year was more than that, so that's my homework.
As part of today´s post we were able to discover two new places at my hometown, both were of those places that I was supposed to known before but for some reason I haven't so I felt a little bit like a tourist. 
Finally the look of the day includes a elegant mint blazer (you know you never go wrong with blazers ) and a interesting white blouse that turned out to be pretty much flattering. It's no new that I can't live without flats, buts these ones are one of my faves, great color, grat design and super comfy.

Wearing: Mint Blazer/LOB, Sleeve Cut Out Chiffon Blouse/ SheInside, Black leggings/ Liverpool, Suede Pointed Flat Shoes/ C&A.

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