Feeling Navy


Hi everyone once again!

Just like many of you i truly love fashion and everything related and I stand up for the idea that fashion is far more than a bunch of superficial stuff to show off. Fashion for me has become in one of the most representative ways to say who we are, it's about style and passion, it's a language. That's why we should never let carry away by those negative thoughts.

Let me tell you that because of my work I have time to take pictures and prepare posts almost every month because it's when i have weekend off at work, so my boyfriend and i found a nice place to spend the day and take some photos. This is the reason why I don't publish very often and why I love those rare weekends, so please have me patience I promise I find out how to solve that situation and be around a little bit more.


Wearing: She Inside Striped Dress  / Mine Blazer / C&A Tote and Flats

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