My Red Sunset


It seems like time actually goes faster than we realize, we are on the second half of April and am still think its March. The years run away from us every single day and I believe that nothing is more rewarding than know you are making the most of every second.

The past few weeks have been completely messy for me, a couple of school trips, lot to do at my work and trying to find enough time for my sweetheart and my family. I am extremely nervous about an amazing experience that it's coming next summer, I will write more about it next time.

As some of you may know, I only get a couple of sundays off each 2 months, those sundays I have the chance to go out with my boyfriend, visit a pretty place, eat junk food and find a nice place to take some pictures.

This time the pictures were taken at my little hometown just when the sun was about to disappear, so the sunlight matches with my blouse. Now I understand why some bloggers love that time of the day to take photos, they look awesome.

Lovs_. Alo Karenina

Wearing:  C&A Blouse /  C&A Jeans / C&A Pointed Flats / FOREVER 21 Clutch

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