Bloglovin Addict #1 Goldschnee


After a no pretty long analysis I declare myself a Bloglovin addict! I swore I check it every day the whole day, the reason why it's because i found there tons of inspiration; for me Bloglovin it's a savior, you can gather there your favorite blogs and always keeps you posted about what's new.
So why no to share with all you guys a little bit of all the amazing blogs I follow.

To start with the right foot i would like to begin with a German Blogger, she is Dominique the creator of What i love the most about her it's her flawless style, her looks are always super clean and polished, she wears white very often giving the looks a fresh and classy touch. I never miss one single poste of her, sometimes her posts are written only in german but still the photos are amazing even if i cannot understand a single word ;).

Lovs_. Alo Karenina

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