Bloglovin' Addict #2 Gary Pepper


Hello everyone:

It's been a while, I know, but well this summer brought so many surprises that I am still not able to recover from that. Almost a month ago I started a experience that make all my dreams look like nothing, I will talk about it later. By now I am back home and back at work of course, just getting used to changes.

Well as you know, in my last post i started a Bloglovin' series, in which I share with you some of my favourites bloggers. This post is about one of the most inspirational blogs I follow, Gary Pepper . You probably already know her, (She´s awesome!) her name is Nicole and she brings all the Australian power to the blogosphere.

There are so many things you can love about her site, the design is flawless, all the high quality photos that reveal her classy taste and you most know. You can find daily looks, editorial posts or travel ones.I cannot stop looking at her galleries, major credits to her main photographer Luke Shadbolt.

Lovs._Alo Karenina

 Photos: Gary Pepper

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