Bloglovin' Addict #4 Bartabac


Silvia from Bartabac is by now a really well know spanish blogger, her style and the way she puts together her blog stands out. I follow her since a couple of years, I remember that I loved at first sight her hair and her formal and chic looks.

Once again the quality of the photography is remarkable and also part of her brand, the images have a lot of movement and a sort of happiness, can't stop staring at them. You will always find many detailed photos of her looks and if you are not a #instabac addict by now, you will only need to see these photos to become one.
I have to confess that I have used this blog as inspiration even for school projects, and took material to work with. We recently worked on a social commercial and our idea was based on the concept of many videos of this blog.
Everyone knows that spanish bloggers are real Pros, so you will see again one of these beauties on coming Bloglovin Series.

Lovs._ Ali Karenina

Gallery made with Canva and Images from Bartabac

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