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Is not new that this season everyone loves bobs cuts, short or long is In. So I fell for the trend, at the beginning I was not pretty sure because I used to have a extremely long hair (as you saw on my latest post) and because long hair has a million of possibilities. I was like "If I cut my hair how am I gonna get my hair done?" but then I realize that I never do my hair so it was not to make any difference.

A couple of friends convinced me that a long bob was the right choice to make, so I did it, and honestly love it. Short hair has its perks: so easy and fast to wash, dry and style; on the dark side when I let it dry by itself gets all frizzy and I feel like a fungus, but styling cream helps a lot.

At the end I feel really chic with my new hair, regardless everyone's words ("You shouldn't  have cut your hair", "You used to have an amazing hair", "What have you done?" and so on).
Wish you everyone Happy almost Holidays. Only one day left for Christmas Eve.

Lovs._ Ali Karenina

Wearing: Necklace/ Forever 21, Clutch / Westies, Sweater & Trench Coat / LOB, Boots/ C&A

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