Bloglovin' Addict #5 Eat / Sleep / Wear


I really have not been able to finish the post to close last year, but I am sure you have already seen lots of post everywhere about it. So I promise I'll work on in to post it soon and it won't be long.

With the year also continues this Bloglovin' Addict Series that started last year. By now you have already seen some of my favorite bloggers in this huuuge blogosphere, now is time for you to know or recall Kim's Blog Eat / Sleep / Wear, maybe you already know her, she has a tremendously good taste an her blog is one of the best designed I've ever seen. One of the characteristics that identifies the blogs I have named in this Series is the quality of content, mostly the photography; ESW is not exception, you only need to see a few pictures to recognize the amazing job they are doing.

In general, read and visit her blog relaxes me and inspires me to work harder to accomplish my goals.

Lovs_. Alo Karenina

Collage made with Canva, images from Eat / Sleep / Wear

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  1. Wooow! Beautiful post my dear!!! My new post on the blog!!! please write a comment! Thank you so much!!! ))

    1. Thank you so much! and it's a really nice post of you! :)


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