Bloglovin' Addict #7 The Chriselle Factor


Lately I've been really amazed by the amount of new bloggers and talented girls on the business. There are tons of babes all over the world offering unique and loud inspiration. Some of them have been blogging for quite some years as the case of Chriselle Lim, a Korean American girl with a tremendous impact on social media.

Through all her career she has worked with some major brands and attended some of the most glamorous events such as the latest Golden Globes gala. As usual her style has evolved through the years becoming more elegant, sophisticated and minimalistic.
My pinterest boards are completaly invaded with her photos. So if you are looking for the perfect combo of quality, good taste, decoration, family and daily tips, don't hesitate on visiting The Chriselle Factor.
Hopefully you won't get lost through so many pictures, but it was really hard to decide among 5 years of outstanding job.
Happy almost spring!

Lovs_. Alo Karenina


All pictures from The Chriselle Factor / Collage made with Canva

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