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As you know there are some pieces that save our life when we are lost in our closets and cannot find a worthy piece to wear. Those situations in which you don't want to go over dressed but either like you just woke up. That is the main reason why I love wearing black and white, is a safe choice that goes with any occasion, you look polish and well dressed.

I found this blouse a couple of years ago but I barely used it before, because it has a detail in the front and looked weird, until I took my scissors and made it look great as it was supposed to. 
On the other hand, when I saw the photos I realized that my hair finally is looking long again. I was really excited when I vut my hair, but there is a point when is not short nor long and you have troubles to style it and then regret have cut it and cannot wait any longer to have it as before. 
Anywasy I shocked that we are already on November, and so many things are about to change, if everything goes as it is suppoed to, I wiil be getting my college degree this winter and next year planning a wedding, but one step at the time.

Wish you all an amazing week and see you soon.

Loves._ Alo Karenina

PS: I almost forgot, the last three photos were taken at a lovely coffee located at Zacatecas town, the manager was extremely kind on leting us take pictures there. Do not hasitate on visiting! #LaMadonna

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