Day 2


Pain can be just as undescribable as love is. Takes you from the sudden, tearing your soul from the inside and escaping through your eyes. 

"Un gran dolor solo puede ser superado por una alegría aun mas grande".

In the mean time, is already here and I know that will come after me stronger during the comming hours and days. 
I said I was ready, but no one could ever be.
I wish i could have told him what he wanted to hear, that being together and his love were enough. But by now, I just think love is overrated.  I sounded selfish and became the kind of person is inevitable to hate, the kind of person I always judged. As He said, I just told him all the things I promised I would never say. 
It seems like life tests us to see how brave or naive we are, how strong or heartless, how determined or ungrateful. 
But I trust in time, probably proves me right. But if it doesn't, at the end is not going to make a difference, we are our choices and we have the power over our own fate...

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