Day 3


It might seem like I planned everything, that I waited till the last minute to make the bomb explode, damages are countless. 
He is broken, I bleed him out and then just stared at my mess. My words were meaningless, the damage has been done, my reasons were not enough, didn't make sense for anyone. But the truth remains, love is not enough, I wish it were, thought it did, but there is an emptiness that very few people could understand. 
Perfection is an illusion, I am very sorry for not being the person you though I was, you needed and you loved. I am sorry for not stopping this wave of pain for you, saying that I loved you and that we will overcome this , I just couldn't, words didn't come out, and I couldn't explain why, when I had promised to stay by your side forever.
Then out of the sudden I knew why. Your place has been taken, I am sorry for letting that happen, for not resisting, I should have. One day you will know and hopefully doesn't cause you as much suffering as it would do now. 
I never expected this to happen, believe me. Maybe destiny is playing me, maybe God was testing me and I already have failed.
I want to believe you will find peace and one day forgive me for destroying you now.
I'm sorry that our love wasn't enough.

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