When love is not enough...


Life is a mistery, a dilemma that I thought I had solved by taking a couple of complicated decisions. Growing up with clear ideas of what you want is nothing extraordinary, but for how long will they last... I used to think that key for happiness was finding the "perfect" person, your unique and irreplaceable love. But is it?

Why can you only have one love? How can you really know when trully  have found it? How to be sure that your heart will not change? Who said that your conception of everything can't change one day?

Masses die for stability, for being safe and supported, as if life is about having the best auto insurance, as if life were a straight highway with no bends or intrincate spots.

Maybe one day when you think you have everything, even more than you need, someone will come and turn your life upside down, taking you to the very edge of your limits. And then out of the sudden you will question your ideals, your perception of life.

Someone capable of remind you what holds behind the horizon, the place were lays the life you yearned for. Now you notice that life is full of gray moments, light and intense shades of color, because in real life nothing is perfect, nothing is definitive.

Can't a girl dream with someone who loves her freely, with no reservations? Love without any barriers or preconceptions. Can't the love just be love, as it should be: simple, pure, honest?

People make their choices everyday, driven by fear, fear to loneliness, fear to uncertainty.

Isn't life supossed to be exciting, inspiring, challenging? isn't supposed to take out of your confort zone. Isn't life supossed to take you by surprise, to leave you astonished?

There are people who hurt in unimaginable ways, people who inspire you, who make you wonder what is left to discover. People with perfectly defined goals, but messed lives, with a big heart but a dark past. People who can transform your world into something you never thought possible.

Will always remain a mistery whether or not are we capable of risking our perfectly well designed lives in order to gain a cup of happiness? Will that be enough to transform our paths? To make significant changes? To take frightening decisions that jeoperdize our beloved stability?

Is it worth it? To be doubtfull? To be scared? To risk everything? I think it is, because when there is doubt, some blank spaces must be filled. When you get to consider risking something, it means that it doesn't represent enough, to be called "everything".

And if the story has a traggic finale? If you chose wrong, If you lost the sky for the ground? If you regret it?

Then it doesn't matter.

Because then, even with doubts, afraid or empty handed, you would have known the feeling of chasing your dreams and at the same time, the bittersweet taste of love.

What if at the end it lasts for a lifetime?...

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